Friday, June 5, 2009

Welcome Home Elder Ivie

This is the day after Dayne got back. I think he wanted to stay busy so he mowed the whole lawn. Isn't Jaida cute in the picture above. She is so active and darling. That night we roasted mallows and hot dogs over the fire pit. It was soooo good to see Dayne....and I think my mom was the most excited of all. "Young Dayne" is back from a mission.....I can't believe it. It really seemed like yesterday we were calling him "stinky monster" and running from him and his dirty bum!

MJ is just cheesing it!

Doesn't he look great! He was soooo cute coming home, and he was just all smiles and I think a little overwhelmed at all the people he had to meet. I think he knew which grandkids were which even though he had never seen them before....good thing we have pictures. Welcome home are awesome!!

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