Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Summer in a Nutshell

I haven't blogged in awhile. It seems pictures and memories pile up with little time to sort them. Pictures truly say a thousand words and remind us of the blessings we have been given. Mine are 6, 3, and almost 2.

Anyway... Chase turned six! He had a pirate birthday party with cousins. He wanted a pirate cake so we looked online and found a good one. It didn't say in the demo that it needed cinder blocks to hold the thing together! It's a good thing we took a picture when we did...for it was soon to be shipwrecked! It split right in two from the weight of the cake. It still looked pretty cool and Chase thought it was better that way. He's so good to see the positive. If a toy gets broken he still plays with it and says, "It's like a new toy because it's different now!" If we could all be like that in life.

Splash pad fun.....I'm going to miss those outings when there is snow on the ground!

I'm not sure where Sadie gets her skin and hair color??? I'm not complaining....she's so beautiful. But I'm sure I'm just bias!

Andrea's wedding day was beautiful. It was fun to dress up and have a PARTY!

She finally smiled but my "look at the camera" finger got in the way....ya know how that goes:)

This one was due for nappy time!
Brock and Dan did a carpet job in New Mexico....and we tagged along. It was so good to see Nicole and the kiddos. There wasn't much to do in the hotel but we kept ourselves entertained. The front desk guy never wants to see the likes of us AGAIN! Many a lifted eyebrow in our direction......."What? These aren't our kids!"As you can see....we went to Chuck-e-cheese (not sure how to spell his name) Anyway.....Marriner thought he was in a cheesy heaven taking a picture with a big smiling mouse!

Nicole REALLY wanted a picture with Chuck-e-cheese.....just too shy to ask him I guess!
We had ever-so-much-fun jumping on the hotel beds. I tried to get action shots...and the only one who didn't get much air was Sadie. I love to see her "jump". Let's just say there is a BIG prep for a tiny little takeoff!

Kissing on a purple swing....could life GET any better!? This last shot is at a vintage cupcake shop in Ogden. The atmosphere AND the cupcakes are to die for!