Saturday, December 19, 2009


Just Hanging out with her daddy.
Notice there are no ornaments at the bottom of the tree.....Sadie has taken care of them all. We had to rearrange our living room to fit the Christmas tree but it was worth it. Since we've put it up it really feels like Christmas.
Crawling to mama
"I know I shouldn't bend this but it's ever so much fun to stand by myself and play with a 'no, no' item!"
Just bending the candyland cards....not a big deal (We just won't tell Chase) What could be cuter than a one year old in a gingerbread dress?
Ward Christmas Party. This was the BEST Santa ever! The beard?....yep, sure is real. And his suit?....only Mrs. Claus could have designed such a thing. Sadie couldn't have been happier....but not as happy as these two.................
Marriner calls him "Danta" "Danta tumming to ah house?"

Having the time of his life. It was perfect snow for snow angels, and just falling in to.

I guess girls can wear blue hats but boys probably can't pull off a pink ones!

Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Gotta love the D.I. I shop there even when it's not Halloween but it came through for the occasion.
"Ah ah ah ah stayin' alive, stayin' alive"........or something like that!

"How do you do it again?"

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Top Three

Three things I know for sure.......
1. Flossing is grand
2. Pooping is wonderful
3. And pigtails precious

1. After dragging his feet for.....9 whole years, Brock decided to go to the dentist. After about and hour and five cavities later, he decided that flossing would have been a great idea. We won't even mention the two wisdom teeth that need removed. For all those who don't take a small string and insert between teeth, take extreme could be on the cavity train with Brock.

2. Marriner has pooped in the potty for three straight days in a row! I never thought it would be music to my ears to hear ( a little graphic) poop coming out and plopping in the toilet. Maybe having two in diapers makes this fecal feat even more sweet. One less bum to change equals a smile on Brooksie's face.

3. I managed to get pigtails in Sadie's wisps. I was so excited even though I may have jumped the gun a little. With little hair to work with, anything will due. I love being a mom. My three angels are only going to be little for a short while and I, as many of you, want to take it all in....pigtails, poop, and all.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Sadie!

Sadie had a great first birthday. Many were there to celebrate. She wasn't quite sure what to think of everyone watching her but I think she realized this was a special day. She hasn't wanted real food since her birthday cake....once you go sweet you never go back!

"Do you want some mommy?"
Not so sure about what this is.....and how to get this goodness inside me!

Coen and Sadie trying to share!
She loves her new horse. She held on so so tight!
Aisha and Sadie

I learned how to make butter cream roses online. Don't look too close.
The cake kind of reminded me of a 50th wedding anniversary cake....oh well. I wanted to do another flower but couldn't find how to do it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Throw up, glass shards, and the joys of motherhood

The last twelve hours have been....exciting to say the least. As I was putting Sadie back to bed for the fourth time at 2:00 in the morning(she must be teething!), I hear Marriner coughing. I wasn't going to check on him because as many of you know, nightly checks most of the time turnout ......uneventful. Well I decided to check on him just to make sure. He had thrown up all over himself and his bed. He was all smiles as he was covered in last nights meal. He was pretty excited when I told him he could take a bath. As he was bathing, I put all of the puke covered items in a large garbage bag and tied it tight so I could take care of it in the morning. After I changed his sheets, Cloroxed everything, I put him back to bed. Sadie only woke up two more times!! Well, this morning we got Chase to school, and then I decided to clean the mess in the garbage bag. (Can you imagine the smell....I hope not.) I needed to put Sadie in Chase's room and shut the door so she wouldn't fall down the stairs while I cleaned. I get it cleaned up and put everything in the wash, feed Sadie breakfast, and as I'm taking her up the stairs to get her dressed, I bumped a picture on the wall and it tumbles down the stairs and shatters everywhere. Luckily the picture didn't rip but the frame and glass are everywhere. Sadie gets put back in Chase's room. As I'm cleaning up glass shards, my foot gets cut so I've got blood to clean up too! Meanwhile, Sadie is crying, so once I'm done I head up to finish getting her dressed. As I'm doing her hair I hear Marriner throwing up on the stairs and the tile. I put Sadie back in Chase's room and she definitely is not happy about it. Marriner is crying and the puke is just where the shards of glass were just minutes before. I'm just glad I didn't have to clean up puke covered glass. I was having a great time if you could imagine. I'm now on the ground cleaning up breakfast throw up. Marriner gets to take yet another bath. I finally get Sadie and Marriner dressed(again) and it's time to pick up Chase from school. Let's just hope in three hours time Chase got more accomplished than we did here at home! The joys of motherhood are sometimes overshadowed by the smell of throw-up. . .but they definitely are still there :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

A tribute to our mom

As sisters, we have always wanted to dance together. We never really had the opportunity to do it because Devanee wasn't old enough yet. Nicole was going to be in town so we decided this was our chance. Nicole choreographed the was amazing. We dedicated the dance to our mother. We kept it a secret from my mom and surprised her. She cried so it was success! Natalie was a champ being 7 months pregnant. She pretty much did everything, I'm so glad that she was still able to do it.

There were parts in the dance that were very symbolic. As you can see, it looks like we are praying. Just as many prayers were given on our behalf from our mom. There was a part where it looked like we were cradling a baby in our arms just as she cradled us in her arms. Nicole did an amazing job at doing what couldn't be said with words. I'm going to try to put the song we danced to on my blog so you can get a feel for it.

Todd filmed it so maybe we can get it on to the computer. It was definitely a spiritual experience.

Friday, June 19, 2009

This one's for you honey!

I love you Brock.....I miss you tons. Brock has been gone for almost three weeks now working. It's been a challenge but I can't wait to see him....and in two days, the kids will be with their favorite person(especially Marriner) in the whole world!

You can see Sadie's two new teeth on the bottom.

Sadie and Hattie just chillin'. They are about the same size and it's fun to see them side by side. Look at Hattie's beautiful lips.

Chase's friend had a birthday party and a pony to help celebrate. Both boys got many turns and surprisingly their weren't too many tears shed by Marriner when he had to get off.

Holdin' tight!

This is a a good action shot of Marriner jumping. A friend invited us to go to the "Kangaroo Zoo". It's a fun land with miniature golf and several jumping toys. Marriner and Chase had the time of their lives. I couldn't ever find Chase to take a picture of him...he was having too much fun.