Thursday, January 14, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We had a fun Christmas Eve. We did nativity puppets while we read in Luke, had appetizers for dinner and read "mickey's" Christmas story before we went to bed. Marriner was so excited and Chase, of course, could not wait for morning.

I must have been enjoying the moment far too much to take pictures! I only took three pictures Christmas morning...i was bummed but hopefully my memories will suffice. After we had breakfast that morning we were off to Firth! Mom made us all matching jammies. Here are some pictures of the kiddos patiently getting impatient.

I love how Abby is cradling Gretchen's head.
Sadie and Hattie curiously looking at their feet. It's as if Sadie is saying, "Yeah, they do look alike don't they but I think yours are the ones on the right."

The boys
We spent New Years with Brock's family. Here is Coen, Sadie, and Chase with the famous noise makers and hats.

Sadie is walking everywhere now. She thinks she can even walk down the stairs.....she thinks it's funny when her mom overreacts and tells her to turn around. Me, stairs and babies just don't do well heart has skipped way to many beats worrying about those darn tumbles!
We played limbo with the kids and when we sent them to bed, we all got a shot at some crazy kerioke sp? Brock and Nathan took the show.
"Hey everybody. I'm so happy to be alive" Just a day at the Richards residence.
Our Church is at 1:00 now so we were ready with time to spare for a family picture.
Chase was so excited to get a suit for Christmas. He is the sweetest little boy you'd ever meet

I took these next pictures because I was going to send them in to Regis and Kelly beautiful baby contest.....but I'm a little computer retarded and couldn't figure it out. Well, these weren't a total waste because I get to post them on the old blog!
Posing for the camera...I love you Marriner. Chase is at School when we took these or he would be smiling for the camera as well.

My lady Sadie....I love you sweetheart!