Monday, March 15, 2010

Disney on Ice!

Brock won tickets to "Disney on Ice". Poor Sadie didn't get to come but she would have rather gone too bed...I'm sure! Even thought Marriner did say, "I yike princesses", they both liked "Cars" the best. They were near-full-sized cars driving on the ice. They moved their mouths as a recording played of the characters voices. I'd have to say it was my favorite also. Brock had a good nap but watching Chase and Marriners faces was priceless. They also did "The little mermaid", "Lion King", and "Tinkerbell".

We went to Applebees before the show and had a great time. The night started off with straw wrappers being blown in each others faces, a yummy appetizer and waaaayyy good company.

Marriner with a "torn dog"
This isn't related to Disney on Ice, but last night's conversation with Chase was cute.
Chase "Mom, my hearts not beeping"
Me (knowing he said it wrong but don't have the 'heart' to correct him) "Oh no, we better check!"
Chase "Oh now I feel it beeping" "Mom did you know that babies hearts beep really fast?"
Me "yep, i knew that"


Say Cheese!

Happy Valentines Day!

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit on Valentines day. It was fun to visit. Can you see the family resemblance? Grandma and Sadie look quite a bit alike in this picture.

Just out of reach! Now Sadie's favorite thing to do is get up on the table and bounce/dance until I come and save her from an early death!

These were soooooo good. I had fun drizzling the white chocolate on but definitely more fun eating them.