Saturday, December 19, 2009


Just Hanging out with her daddy.
Notice there are no ornaments at the bottom of the tree.....Sadie has taken care of them all. We had to rearrange our living room to fit the Christmas tree but it was worth it. Since we've put it up it really feels like Christmas.
Crawling to mama
"I know I shouldn't bend this but it's ever so much fun to stand by myself and play with a 'no, no' item!"
Just bending the candyland cards....not a big deal (We just won't tell Chase) What could be cuter than a one year old in a gingerbread dress?
Ward Christmas Party. This was the BEST Santa ever! The beard?....yep, sure is real. And his suit?....only Mrs. Claus could have designed such a thing. Sadie couldn't have been happier....but not as happy as these two.................
Marriner calls him "Danta" "Danta tumming to ah house?"

Having the time of his life. It was perfect snow for snow angels, and just falling in to.

I guess girls can wear blue hats but boys probably can't pull off a pink ones!

Merry Christmas!!