Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

We had a good Christmas this year. It was our first year having it at our house. It was fun to start our own traditions and to see the looks on the boys faces.
This is Chases robot panda. It makes real cub sounds and moves its mouth and eyes like a real panda cub. In his other hand is "splinter" those of you who know ninja turtles!

Marriner has been sick but he still had fun with his toys.

Daddy's girl!
After Church on Sunday. Both looking pretty cute!

The many Faces of Marriner!

This is Marriners "I can't see myself in the veiwfinder screen" face. He doesn't realize I have to first take the picture!

Abby looking so cute!

Brittnee and Adam came and stayed the weekend with us. This is us getting ready to go seen the lights on Temple Square. Abby looks so big in this picture!

Aisha looks so cute. She was all ready to go!

If you can't tell, Sadie is the little bundle in front.

MJ isn't facing the camera but there is everyone else. Adam is taking the picture.

Sadie getting ready to go!

Fun in the Snow!

Chase playing in the freshly fallen snow....what fun it is to be little! Chase is starting to say some funny things. The other day he asked Brock if he could have some gum. Brock said that we were going to have dinner first and Chase said "Dad, give me a break!" Brock and I both looked at eachother and laughed. Then Brock said, "If you can tell me what 'give me a break' means, then you can have a piece." Chase didn't know.....anyway it was pretty funny. He picks up makes us be a little more careful about what we say in front of him!

Brock buzzed the boys and his hair. They looked pretty cute!

I like Marriner with a little more hair grows!

We were driving to Weston and Brock was playing "cool" when I took this picture!

New Pictures

This is Sadie just being herself! She smiles all of the time and is starting to giggle. She gets the hiccups when she's pretty funny. She weighs 15 pounds and she's only 2 1/2 months. The chub just melts in my arms!

Self portrait....if you can't tell. I have to take pictures of myself because Brock either tries to take a picture when I have no make-up on, or when I'm not I guess this works. (Chase usually is wearing clothes...don't worry)

Sadie's curious look. I think she looks a lot like Brock but she also looks like Brocks sister Andrea.

I love this picture of Sadie. Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?