Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chase's Birthday

Chase loved having friends over. We invited 14 but only 10 came.....but ten was definitely enough. We played Star Wars bingo opened presents and had a good time hitting the pinata.

This is the pinata that Chase so desperately wanted. It took a while....it supposed to be Darth Vador, but that is questionable. Tin foil and spray paint will do it every time!

Brock decided to grow his hair out and get some hightlights! He loves visors too so he thought, "what the heck" I'll wear a visor and grow my hair out. We actually found this at the party store we shopped at for Chases birthday. No offense to those who like visors.....brock just doesn't prefer them!

A front view of the new hair do.

The kids with Grandpa Richards at his house in Weston. They are on the four-wheeler. I couldn't get him to smile!

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Erika and family said...

It looks like Chase had a fun Party! I am impressed with the pinata! Craig has never been much of a smiler, it is fun to see the kids having fun with their grandpa!