Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marriner is 3!!!

I can't believe Marriner is 3!! He loved his birthday sooooo much. The next day he started crying and I asked his what was wrong. He asked "My birthday's gone?? " I said "yeah it was yesterday." He, with tears in his eyes said, "My birthday dot yost" (My birthday got lost). So sad. Brock went shopping for his birthday and boy did Marriner score big time. Everything he got, he wanted to share with Chase. He even made sure Chase got to eat a cool part of the cake(head or the tail I'm not sure which)
If you can't's a dino.

The Boys Are Back!!

I think this is the cutest picture. These boys are all 18 months apart...perfect stair steps!
It snowed when Nicole came for Nate's the kids made the most of it.