Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Little Senorita!

Brocks sister Andrea went to Mexico for Spring Break......lucky girl! She brought these dresses home for Sadie. We played dress up and had a photo shoot. The weather is almost warm enough too....just another couple of weeks hopefully.

Look at those knees!

I love this picture. It really captures her bright eyes and her sweet chubby face and arm! She always has her hand in her mouth. She is really interested in toys and really anything she can grab, including my glasses right off my face.

Say "Cheeeese"

This is the dress Grandma Willvie gave her for Christmas

Just posing!

Chase and Marriner love playing dress-up (boy style). I don't know if Marriner knows what he's doing but he sure knows how to make super hero noises. He is not saying a whole lot but I can sure understand what he means most of the time. He says, "Maamaaa......" and then he shows me something cool. Or "daadaaa......" to get Brocks attention. And whenever Chase isn't around he is calling out "TAAAaase" Or "Peas mama"(Please) They both love their baby sister so much. Chase can get her laughing so hard. Marriner just gets her to blink really fast when he comes around! He plants these huge kisses on her face, eyes, tummy, and hands many times daily.