Friday, June 19, 2009

This one's for you honey!

I love you Brock.....I miss you tons. Brock has been gone for almost three weeks now working. It's been a challenge but I can't wait to see him....and in two days, the kids will be with their favorite person(especially Marriner) in the whole world!

You can see Sadie's two new teeth on the bottom.

Sadie and Hattie just chillin'. They are about the same size and it's fun to see them side by side. Look at Hattie's beautiful lips.

Chase's friend had a birthday party and a pony to help celebrate. Both boys got many turns and surprisingly their weren't too many tears shed by Marriner when he had to get off.

Holdin' tight!

This is a a good action shot of Marriner jumping. A friend invited us to go to the "Kangaroo Zoo". It's a fun land with miniature golf and several jumping toys. Marriner and Chase had the time of their lives. I couldn't ever find Chase to take a picture of him...he was having too much fun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sadie in a Swimming suit....need I say more?

I had to get Sadie in her swimming suit. Chase got a cool sprinkler for his birthday so we had to try it out.....just count the rolls!
The back of the suit is so darling.....i wish I could get away with having a big bow on mine!

Chase's Birthday

Chase loved having friends over. We invited 14 but only 10 came.....but ten was definitely enough. We played Star Wars bingo opened presents and had a good time hitting the pinata.

This is the pinata that Chase so desperately wanted. It took a supposed to be Darth Vador, but that is questionable. Tin foil and spray paint will do it every time!

Brock decided to grow his hair out and get some hightlights! He loves visors too so he thought, "what the heck" I'll wear a visor and grow my hair out. We actually found this at the party store we shopped at for Chases birthday. No offense to those who like visors.....brock just doesn't prefer them!

A front view of the new hair do.

The kids with Grandpa Richards at his house in Weston. They are on the four-wheeler. I couldn't get him to smile!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Welcome Home Elder Ivie

Home from Jamaica! Dayne is back and he did a wonderful job on his report. I wish we could have seen him in action. Love you Dayne!
Grandma Willvie enjoying the weather and her family.

If you can't tell, Abby is tucking the hair behind her ear. Soooo darling!

Kissing cousins

  • I love Aisha's puppy dog eyes. How would you ever discipline with those eyes staring at you? Too cute to get mad at!!

Welcome Home Elder Ivie

This is the day after Dayne got back. I think he wanted to stay busy so he mowed the whole lawn. Isn't Jaida cute in the picture above. She is so active and darling. That night we roasted mallows and hot dogs over the fire pit. It was soooo good to see Dayne....and I think my mom was the most excited of all. "Young Dayne" is back from a mission.....I can't believe it. It really seemed like yesterday we were calling him "stinky monster" and running from him and his dirty bum!

MJ is just cheesing it!

Doesn't he look great! He was soooo cute coming home, and he was just all smiles and I think a little overwhelmed at all the people he had to meet. I think he knew which grandkids were which even though he had never seen them before....good thing we have pictures. Welcome home are awesome!!

Devanee's Jr. Miss

My camera wouldn't capture the pictures on stage. I wish you could see how awesome she looks. But I guess you get an idea.

Devanee stood out from everyone. I'm not just saying that because she's my sister...she is just beautiful and did awesome. In the physical fitness category she was "hands down" the hottie of the floor! Her muscles were rippling and her smile extented to the back of the auditorium. Good job Dev!

Playing with cousins

Brennan, Mary, and kids came to Idaho and they had fun playing with cousins and feeding the horse.

Halli is soooo darling. I take every chance I can to do my nieces hair because Sadie doesn't have much yet.

I love her eyes in this picture.

Happy Birthday Marriner

Happy Birthday Marriner!

As you can see....the spiderman cake wasn't exactly how I imagined it! Marriner knew who it was so that's all that mattered.

I can't believe he is 2! "How old are you Marriner?" ......."Do". He loved "miming"(Swimming) on his

Update....i haven't posted for a while!

Chases soccer team. He had a lot of fun and is sad it's over

Pictures before Sean went to the MTC. I asked him "Are you nervous?" He said he wasn't so that's good, he was just all smiles.

Easter Sunday. The kids looked pretty cute. Sean gave an amazing farwell talk.....he's going to be an awesome missionary.