Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chase Playing soccer

Chase loved his first soccer game. He didn't know quite what to do but he had fun doing it!
His friend Jayden. When some action was going on, they were in the backfield playing with eachother. It took some prompting from both parents to get them back on track!

Just warming up!

Chase was the photographer in this picture!

We had to get "the belly"

Marriner and Chase had just taken a bath and were getting ready for bed. They are just best friends.....most of the time.

Brock got me a dozen roses for our anniversary. They are the same color as our flowers when we got married. We also stayed in a hotel, went to dinner and a movie. It was a fun five year anniversary for sure. Good job Brock!

Tara's Wedding

The kids all looked so cute. It's a good thing we have cameras to capture it all!
The two pregnant ladies!

Devanee.....showing her sexy side!

Family picture

Just the boys! We had so much fun at the reception. What could be better than chocolate covered strawberries!?

Monday, August 18, 2008


Chase, Marriner, and I went to the Davis County Fair. We loved petting the animals at the zoo and riding the ponies. It was fun!

Chase riding on a pony

Chase loved the big Rooster!

"What do the fat piggies say?"

Chase thought the petting zoo was pretty fun. The llama was his favorite!

Marriner was fearless at the petting zoo at the Fair. He stepped on the pigs and tried to pull the horns off the was pretty funny!