Friday, September 11, 2009

A tribute to our mom

As sisters, we have always wanted to dance together. We never really had the opportunity to do it because Devanee wasn't old enough yet. Nicole was going to be in town so we decided this was our chance. Nicole choreographed the was amazing. We dedicated the dance to our mother. We kept it a secret from my mom and surprised her. She cried so it was success! Natalie was a champ being 7 months pregnant. She pretty much did everything, I'm so glad that she was still able to do it.

There were parts in the dance that were very symbolic. As you can see, it looks like we are praying. Just as many prayers were given on our behalf from our mom. There was a part where it looked like we were cradling a baby in our arms just as she cradled us in her arms. Nicole did an amazing job at doing what couldn't be said with words. I'm going to try to put the song we danced to on my blog so you can get a feel for it.

Todd filmed it so maybe we can get it on to the computer. It was definitely a spiritual experience.


Ashley said...

That is so special! What a way to use your talents! You guys are all so beautiful! I would love to see the dance for sure if you can post it!

Mitzi said...

The Ivie sisters are so beautiful and talented and your mom is one of the sweetest ladies I know. I'm sure the dance was powerful. Be sure to post it for sure.

millsmoments said...

How fun! And I love the new picture on the top of your blog. Cute family!

Dean Family said...

Oh Brooksie!
What a tribute to Mom! You did a great job in words describing how much the dance really meant to all of us! I love you so much and I am glad you gave me the push I needed in creating a memorable gift for Mom.

Can't wait to see you in November!

pitterbecky said...

Hey Brooke! What a darling family you have! It looks like you are so happy! It's your old roommate Becky by the way. That's awesome that you all were able to get together to do that for your mom.