Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!!

The kids had a great time looking for Easter eggs. Grandma and Grandpa Jensen hosted the annual Easter Egg Hunt....a true success!
Chase made sure everyone had a fair amount of eggs. And only one "numbered" egg for each person.....the numbered ones got you a prize. Chase won a squirmy worm.
Marriners face would light up every time an egg was found! see life through the eyes of a two year old!
Sadie loved her little basket. She would carry it around for a while and then sit down and rummage through her findings...and then stand up and carry the basket on her arm cute.
"Moim, Brooke took one of moine!" That's for you Britt :)


Mitzi said...

So cute. So how's training coming? I've started working out. I think I might run the Hidden Springs half in Boise but it's hilly so I'm still not sure.

The Cook Family said...

Looks like fun! Chase is the sweetest little boy. Of course he had to make sure everyone had a fair amount. That's just his loving nature. I love how excited Marriner gets over the littlest things. I hope he keeps that enthusiasm all his life. And Sadie...what a girly girl. Holding the basket like a purse is classic. I love how they automatically know how to be feminine. I love those kids so much. They are all so unique and special. You do an amazing job as their mother. Love you!

Dye Family said...

The good ol' Easter egg hunts! I love those kidos, Brooke! I can just see Sadi with her cute little walk, a basket over her arm, and that cheese grin :) Don't you love sharing these things with your kids? We get to relive it all over again... You know, like doing a jazz dance in front of the camera before the hunt. Then feeling too old to participate so you steal your little sister's eggs and hide behind a tree when she tells on you ;) Ahhh, some things never change!
Love you!

Dean Family said...

I loved Sadie's basket! There is nothing cuter than kids hunting for Easter eggs; especially at Grandma's house! Love you so much and I can't wait to see you at Devanee's Graduation...I will be the one graduating with the huge Sombrero!!