Friday, February 12, 2010


Cannon and Caleb stayed the night at our house while Mary went to her great aunts funeral in Highland. It was so fun to see them and to have the kids play together. Marriner and Caleb had matching coats....and matching dimples. Isn't Caleb so darling? Chase and Cannon played so good together and Cannon was crying when he left because they were in the middle of playing "Kingdom", both equip with swords, crowns and armor. Cannon said the dinner prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for letting him play with Chase. Caleb is starting to talk and for yes he says "di" and he kept saying "purple car" "purple truck".

Sadie kept up with the boys...only getting her feelings hurt a couple of times.

Marriner and I and Sadie were shopping one day and we drove past "sportsmans warehouse". Marriner saw the elk and you can tell who won the "we don't have time to pet the elk" debate. He wanted to ride it but I had to put my hoof down on that one..ha ha. Anyway, it was fun for him and I'm sure we'll see and pet our new friend real soon. I might take a different way to Target next time!
Marriner is saying so many funny things.
Me: "Marriner, how old are you going to be for your birthday?"
Marriner: "Uh....thirty bucks"

We were outside playing on the slides the other day and there was dog poop in the sand. He says "Dat da dwossest teen i evow daw in my yife."(That's the grossest thing I ever saw in my life.)


Camille said...

Haha! I love the comment on the dog poop!

Your kids are darling. I'm glad I got to stop by, even for just a few minutes!

Ashleigh said...

Brooke, I love your posts! They crack me up! and yes, I am looking at your blog at 12am in the morning because both of my boys are asleep in my bed and I had to get away from them for at least an hour! Gotta love kids! Maybe you should ride the elk next time.

The Cook Family said...

I am laughing so hard, Brooke. The way you tell things just cracks me up. I bet you just laugh at Marriner all day. He is such a boy! Thanks for letting us see little glimpses into your life as the mother of three. You are amazing...and your kids are all so darling! Love you so much!
PS...i just read Ashleigh's comment on the elk and I can't type cus i'm laughing so hard. Love her!

Dean Family said...

Brooksie! I love how you can describe everything that Marriner says "perfectly"! I can just hear Marriner's little voice. I know you were worried about Sadie having hair...but look how darling and long it has gotten! She is so cute and I love her little teeth.

Tia J said...

I just saw your blog and had to peak. Your kids are so cute. They are just growing up so fast. So fun to read and see what you guys are up to.