Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Little Senorita!

Brocks sister Andrea went to Mexico for Spring Break......lucky girl! She brought these dresses home for Sadie. We played dress up and had a photo shoot. The weather is almost warm enough too....just another couple of weeks hopefully.

Look at those knees!

I love this picture. It really captures her bright eyes and her sweet chubby face and arm! She always has her hand in her mouth. She is really interested in toys and really anything she can grab, including my glasses right off my face.

Say "Cheeeese"

This is the dress Grandma Willvie gave her for Christmas

Just posing!

Chase and Marriner love playing dress-up (boy style). I don't know if Marriner knows what he's doing but he sure knows how to make super hero noises. He is not saying a whole lot but I can sure understand what he means most of the time. He says, "Maamaaa......" and then he shows me something cool. Or "daadaaa......" to get Brocks attention. And whenever Chase isn't around he is calling out "TAAAaase" Or "Peas mama"(Please) They both love their baby sister so much. Chase can get her laughing so hard. Marriner just gets her to blink really fast when he comes around! He plants these huge kisses on her face, eyes, tummy, and hands many times daily.


Heather Williams said...

Hey Brooke, I'm so glad you posted more pics, it's about time. JK, at least you have a blog. Sadie is a doll! I love her chubby little cheeks, I just want to squeeze them. I love the pic of her on your bed, she's got a cute bumb:)Anyways, we missed you at PNW and we're excited to see you guys again!


Dean Family said...

Cute Brooksie!!
I love the pictures of Sadie in her new dresses...she would definitly fit in down where we are; except for the fair skin and hair!

Love ya sis-

Vanessa Foster said...

Hi Brooke, Sadie is so photogenic--I could tell that she loved getting her picture taken. What beautiful blue eyes!

Dye Family said...

Oh man, what a sweet little dolly. Her smile can't get any bigger than that! I love you and your kids so much. I'm excited to see you soon:)

Josh and Jillian said...

I love those pictures! I want to nibble on Sadie's legs!!! I love it. I hope Emmett gets that chubby. hehe. Love ya!

Lindsay said...

I CANNOT get enough of her smile!

The Cannons said...

Hello! I wondered if I would ever come across your blog one day and I did. Yeah, your family is just beautiful. I can't believe you already have three. Crazy. I'm so glad to have found you. It looks like life is great.

Vanessa Foster said...

Hey Brooke, please go to my blog. I have a post dedicated to you!